Welcome to the Online Poker Diary


Hey everyone; I’m an aspiring online poker player. I’ve had some success in the past playing in my spare time but recently I’ve decided to play more seriously. My game of choice at the moment is Limit Holdem but I play No Limit and tournaments from time to time.

I’m planning to play all of the big poker rooms one at a time and earn the first deposit bonuses that they offer. I think that by playing 5-10 sites over the course of the next year, I can build a decent bankroll. I’ll be signing up for rakeback at these sites as well, but I didn’t  know about it when I signed up at Full Tilt :(. After I’ve gone through all of the good sites, I’ll pick a couple to keep playing and earn back some of the money I pay in rake.

But more than just chasing bonuses, I’ll be using this blog to share my thoughts about poker in general and my experience of trying to become a winning online player.

I’ll be posting valuable information about the different cardrooms, reviews of books and software, replays of big hands, and links to strategy articles.


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