Been a While, Back to Posting


I started this blog up, but I’ve been neglecting to post over the past couple months, although I’ve been playing a lot of hands. I’ll be posting regularly from now on.

I purchased the Micro stakes version of PokerTracker3, which is an essential piece of software for any serious player. It imports all of your hand histories and tracks everything you’ve ever done at the tables, displays an incredible amount of stats that can tell you exactly where you are making mistakes, and even shows you your table opponents’ stats as you play. It’s very easy to review big hands or even entire sessions. Poker Tracker website. You can even get a free trial version before you buy.

Over 14,883 hands, I’ve made $88.25 split between .25/.50 and .10/.20 Limit (average winrate of about 2BB/100 hands). Add $85 in bonus money and the $ that I’ve won on multitable tournaments*, and my profits are $360! I’m really pleased with the results so far, but I feel I’m running pretty well so I won’t be able to keep up at this pace.

*My multitable tournament winnings are extremely fluky. I’ve entered a $2 1K guaranteed tournament a few times, and I’ve placed 3rd out of 522 for $101.27 and 6th out of 499 for $39. With the big variance in these things, I got very lucky to win this much in only a few tournaments.


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