Site Reviews

Tired of using search engines to try to find information about the different poker sites? Poker is big business, which means all the top search results are commercial and very biased. I’ll hopefully be able to give you some information that can actually help you. Game conditions are always changing, so I’ll be updating this if trends start to change.

Full Tilt Poker: One of the biggest sites that accepts U.S. players, there is a lot of traffic almost any time of the day. For my limit games, I play .25/.50, and I’m generally pleased. The games are sometimes tight, but during peak hours it’s not hard to find a few tables with >30% flop% and >5BB average pot size. At lower limits, like .05/.10, the games are very loose and you can find many tables full of loose gamblers.

Sportsbook Poker: A smaller site on the Cake network. It usually comes up as one of the best for U.S. players looking for first-deposit bonuses. It’s not bad: they have a $4 NL game and $.02/$.04 Limit. (Smaller stakes for limit than Full Tilt but there is no $2NL.) There won’t be that many tables open at some stakes, but there is a good amount of 6-max.

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